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Master Sergeant Deveroe, the Operations Sergeant for a military intelligence battalion deployed in Iraq in 2006, had just returned to his unit after recovering from an ambush three weeks prior. According to his physicians, Deveroe did not suffer any apparent injuries that would discourage his return to duty. It was Deveroe’s desire to join his unit to conduct final missions and operations, and then to be redeployed back to the United States. As he proceeded with his duties, Deveroe realized that he indeed may have symptoms of a traumatic brain injury that may endanger his continued service with his unit. With continued issues, Deveroe also suspected that there was more occurring than the result of a possible injury. There seemed to be supernatural forces at work, and Deveroe was being targeted for some reason. During the peak of coalition military operations in Iraq, dangers surrounded the Master Sergeant and his unit. From insurgents, a wild animal attack, and an unconvinced chain of command, to hallucinations and loss of time, Deveroe had to also deal with unknown forces desperately trying to get his attention for some mysterious and likely dangerous purpose.


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