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Other Works

The Frightful Verses

A collection of one hundred poems meant to entice the curious and frighten them in many different ways. From the classical and gothic to modern and contemporary, these poems address different subjects seen from the poet’s unique perspective. Aspects of horror, terror, science, religion, politics, philosophy, and even humor fill these pages.



Adore & Lament

This is a collection of statements, rhymes, and even a prayer that I have developed over the years. Many of these were from deep feelings and hard experiences, and some were simply what interested me at the moment. It could be primarily said that both love and pain were the most influential emotions in my life, thus the title of this book. Each one had a place in my life, whether to describe joy and happiness or sadness and regret. Being in combat, like that in Iraq in 2006 and 2007, allowed for recollection and remembrance of my life, past and present. This book is a reflection of how the mind of a fifty-year-old sees the world after so many experiences, relationships, wonders, and disappointments.